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August 14, 2018

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Inquisitively speaking...

14 Aug 2018

Opening the door to the light is hard work, though it seems like that should not be the case. We wonder why life is so difficult sometimes. Perhaps looking at our existence from a different perspective could shed some of that precious light onto the subject.


Let us think about the current state of the planet on which we reside. As humans, we are not the first dominant species to traipse about affecting our environment. That is a basic causal fact. Every action is accompanied by an equal and opposite reaction. But I tend to think that it goes beyond this universal law.


Why our environment is crumbling is probably a better question we should be asking ourselves. 


As human animals, we are arguably the most advanced known life form currently occupying space here on the pale blue dot. What have we accomplished with the gift of our intelligence? Advanced societal constructs for starters. How about remarkable manipulation of basic tools and minerals, transforming them into beautiful and useful objects. An exaggerated life span for mammals, mainly due to our ability to solve complicated problems with great speed.


All amazing. But at the core of all that amazing is an idea we forgot along the evolutionary highway. 


Everything is connected to everything else.


Simple, straightforward and logical. But when we ignore this principle, everything tends to go to pot.


Automobiles were a great technological achievement for a bunch of hairless, upright apes. But every hairless ape having more than they need? Not such a great achievement. Without breaking out the soapbox, let's see how this applies to that everyday problem that started this whole inquisition. 



Back to those automobiles. Do they really fit in with the evolutionary history of this planet? No. They don't. And don't break out any Manifest Destiny or nonsense about triumph of technology over nature, because I am just sick and tired of the nonsense we spew at one another. After all, we are supposed to be beings of light. Do we really fit that description though? Do beings of light create systems which are inherently contradictory to the function of their gracious host? 


On this planet, apparently they do. Therein lies the problem. Our systems simply don't belong here on this planet in this form. The form of everything we do is Hyper. Why so much? Why so fast? 


Probably because our innate human animal instincts are warning us that what we are doing is not good for long term survival. Why else would our efforts to find suitable planets for colonization be accelerating so quickly? Doesn't it seem odd that as more and more environmental factors shift into cleansing mode (see: superstorms; extreme drought; uncontrollable wildfires; etc.), there is a greater and greater push to find a new host?


Deep inside we know it. The life we have created on this world simply doesn't fit, so how can we expect it to be easy on our psyche?


We can't. Too many complications and too many factors.


But we can simplify our expectations. This sounds much easier than it is, because let's admit it, us humans rarely do anything simply. When we do, we congratulate ourselves and seek adoration from other human animals for accomplishing the incredible difficult and complicated task of being a human mammal without making our situation worse.


This is not the life I was sold on when I first came to this planet. But it is the one I am left to deal with, so I can only try to be more like a human mammal.


Let the light shine in! 


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