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Others, a concept

21 Nov 2017


There is certainly no shortage of self-centeredness and selfishness pervading our daily existence. Justifying this rampant behavior is an overabundance of reasons and excuses aimed at placating those incapable of acting beyond themselves.


“I have a baby…”

“I’m running late…”

“I forgot to…”

“I’m a minority…”

“I’m white…”

“I’m religious…”


…and so on ad infinitum.


The common thread is self-evident – I.


Cab we expect any less of a behavioral backlash from a system which relies upon the masses existing only as depersonalized machines of consumption?


As the minutes inch forward towards total societal destruction, the champions of consumerism race against one another, only to become an amalgamated mass of lifeless transactionalism.


One might surmise an increased desire for individualism, but the system provides little room or tolerance for True Individualism, which requires of the accepted. True Individualism requires no acknowledgement or approval from the homogenic whole.


The trend towards forced or excessive self-proclamation does not originate in the depths of the ego as the system would prefer you to believe. Instead it comes from an ingrained need for justification and recognition by the system. This need for acknowledgement is the system's response to the desire of the individual to stand apart from the whole, even the acknowledgement is a farce.


The farce fulfills the emotional needs of both the consumer and the individual. Endless streams of self-proclamations and egocentric imagery simply confirm the user's existence as per the definitions created and perpetuated by the system to ensure long-term adherence to the construct of the system itself.


*The musings and concepts presented offer a excellent example of the hypocrisy of our perceptions.


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