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18 Apr 2017



Remnants always persist, even in corporeal form. Once we transition forms to another, there remains pieces of ourselves throughout the universe. Some feel compelled to preserve their vessel, for what purpose remains to be seen as there is little daily interest in viewing rotting corpses which are interred into concrete vaults. How is it that a group of animals who primarily trust in the notion that the intangible element which blesses humans with reason and contemplation moves on to another plane of existence would need to preserve the spent vessel within which said ‘element’ resided should be saved for eons?


Are humans imprinted with the primal need to pollute? Even after they have expired? Our behavior seems to indicate that we are. If one believes in the ever-after or spiritual immortality, why preserve a useless collection of carbon, water and trace minerals? All the while preventing those elements from returning to their natural state within the soil and organic composition of the earth.


The answer must lie within the infamous Ego. Therein lies the key to our existence as well as the greatest stumbling block to our enlightened existence. Remove the ego from the equation and one is simply left with existence. Does existence benefit from contact and praise from others? From a primal standpoint, no.


From the standpoint of the Ego, yes. Move beyond the chains of the Ego into the realm of simple existence. Produce for the satisfaction of your existence, not to gain praise and accolades from those willing to feed the insatiable Ego. Because in the end, there is no set amount of feed for which the Ego could possibly be satiated.


Strip down the self, return to the primal and produce honestly. The rest will take care of itself.




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