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August 14, 2018

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Step, look, be.

13 Feb 2017

We journey. We seek. We experience. Absorbing all around us, rejecting that which aims to bring us down to a level set to destroy our will to journey, seek and experience. Fear, anger and hate bombard us from all reaches of our existence. While these may exist in all corners of the cosmos, they appear because we allow them to appear and fuel the fires of limitation.


The 'N' word. Negativity. The greatest deterrent and shackle man ever created or acknowledged following the tremendous breakthrough of walking upright so as not to drag our knuckles any longer. While our knuckles might be free of scratches, we still drag metaphysical weights along with us, preventing any true growth to occur and limiting our ability to experience the incredible planetary spaceship upon which we reside.


From this 'N' word comes everything we never accomplish. All we never see. Everyone we never love. Eradicate this notion from your life. Approach each moment without doubts created by the haze which prevents us from reaching the light filtering into the cave.



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