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23 Jan 2017

Would the world continue to exist if I stopped thinking about it? In other words, would reality cease to occupy my stream of consciousness?


Consider the following, the agents of reality which appear to “exist” within this reality – the reality that my subconscious has created – only true take form, whether in concept or corporeal form, when I engage an active (or even subconscious) thought about their existence.


When posed with the qualifying question, what evidence is there to suggest that they do not exist when not a target of your own persistent thought? The answer is simply stated that even their existence is dependent upon my own perception of reality; therefore their existence outside of my own persistent thought can neither be proved nor disproved.


For arguments sake, even if you are reading this, this is still only one’s perception of a reality. Incidentally, what you perceive to be your own reality may only be the subconscious persistent thought of another entity, therefore you exist to fulfill or qualify a perception of existence for said entity.


In other words, I may not even exist.




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