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Historical absolution

30 Nov 2016


People fear that which they do not understand, even more true is the notion that people refuse to accept that which they fear the most. It is perhaps the epitome of hypocrisy that the mightiest of powers should instruct their subjects to fear that which embodies the purest form of equality. For there can be no reasonable path to equality within the walls of this dwindling empire.


Within these walls, the struggle for equality will never be fought with the determination and devotion with which you fought.


Within these walls, you will be reviled as villainous. Your efforts to bring equality to your fellow human being will be overshadowed by the invented image perpetuated upon the tongues of demagogues and imperialists.


Within these walls, you will not be revered as a patriot freeing your people from the yoke of tyranny and injustice. Easing the suffering of many while bringing about retribution upon the few.


Within these walls, the truth will be omitted, revised and rewritten to demonstrate that there is only one way of life.


But Commandante, fear not, for the beast cannot spin their lies for long. As you so humbly predicted, history will indeed absolve you. You were left with no choice but to resist. Resistance against the mightiest of hypocrites, whose insistence on loving greed fueled your fellow man’s suffering, both before and after the Revolucion.


Perhaps it is an omen that you move on during this time of great transition. For those you fought most fiercely against have returned in new disguises. They have seized power from the poor, suffering masses struggling to reach that ever-fading Eden of equality. In you, the masses may have found new love for your ideals, your persistence, your love of fellow humans and your disgust at the notion a person would choose material gain over providing a fellow human with the chance to be part of something greater than themselves.


For therein lies the paradox.


Within these walls, there is no god revered more so than that of the self. This lust for individual greed and gain precludes any one person to truly give themselves to something greater.


Perhaps there is hope.


If you have taught us anything, it is that the smallest ray of hope may be nurtured, building upon the hope of others and bursting forth as a blinding blade of justice felling the foes of equality. These foes, armed with fear, toiled for decades to silence the voice of the people – especially those who truly speak for the people.


In the beginning, you were one of those voices.


Throughout the struggles, they learned they could not silence your voice. They could only shape perceptions aimed at distorting your voice. With your voice distorted and your hands bound, there was no choice but to persevere and resist. You succeeded in both regards.


In time, many of us know that history will indeed absolve you. For your intentions grew from the purest of places and sought to resolve the many wrongs which greed perpetrates upon those who cannot escape its suffocating fog.


There is much to learn from your struggle and the struggle of the people. In the times we now find ourselves, one can only rely upon the same principles from which you derived a Revolution to free your fellow man from the binding yoke of greed and oppression.


Buenos noches, compay.

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