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15 Nov 2016


Quietly we all trudge through this existence, fearfully lamenting the unknown which awaits. That word. The F-word. It blankets us like a death shroud, draped across our being - preventing us from ever being.


Fear is the most powerful emotion known to sentient beings on this planet. Instinctively, it protects one biological form from being consumed by an opposing biological form. Opposites attract, more often than not in order to create a new opposite. Our system is one that is contained, regardless of the rhetoric or semantics which allow one biological entity to control another biological entity.


There is, within this closed system, an equal and opposite reaction to any event. While one side embraces fear and wields it with the strength of a thousand hateful piercing eyes, the equally opposite embrace love and wield it with the strength of a white-hot, gilded blade. 


When an opposite rejects the manner in which the opposite would like to negotiate, the time comes to communicate using methods which are universally understood. The system seeks balance, it is bent upon achieving harmony. Do not misuse the concept of the system. Reject your fearful notions of ideas you do not comprehend, supplanting the truth with excuses designed to distract and disorient.


Seek truth and fight for balance. Utilize any means at your disposal, for it is provided to you by the system as it begs for symbiosis.


Rise. Rise and Resist. Redirect and Rebuild.

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