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August 14, 2018

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17 Oct 2016


Own up to it. Own it. Crush it. We got slaughtered. We dominated. Take a moment. Catch your breath. Don’t fall behind. Fall in behind. Don’t rock the boat. Make waves. Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t sell out. Sell high. Buy low. Low down. Down and out. Don’t get high. Let’s get down and dirty. We can take you higher. Believe in yourself. Don’t be selfish. Eat shellfish. Making great strides. Stay grounded. Get in on the ground floor. Get on the floor. You’re grounded. Believe nothing. Nothing exists. Jesus saves. Save Ferris. Make a good first impression. Be yourself. Think for yourself. Be kind. What kind are you. You’re not one of our kind. You’re one of a kind. Think of others. No one is watching out for you except you. Every black cloud has a silver lining. Not all that shines is gold. Let the sun shine in. Don’t stay in the sun too long.


Sounds to soothe the savage beast....

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