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15 Nov 2016

Quietly we all trudge through this existence, fearfully lamenting the unknown which awaits. That word. The F-word. It blankets us like a death shroud, draped across our being - preventing us from ever being.

Fear is the most powerful emotion known to...

28 Oct 2016

Gold and rimmed sorcerer victory

comes to you upon the backs of

black veiled faceless riders of

envy and hate.

Striking down the light struggling to

break into the knave's tiny, hopeless 

realm of dreamless tremors.

Hope fades as the slate clouds gather...

26 Oct 2016

the Self is the Self

of the fleshy Self,

you tell yourSelf,

"you suck Self.

you suck so Selfin much,

you need to go Self


breathe. rays of blinding

air bifurcating ventricities.

"oh yeah, go Self yourSelf

you Selfin Self."

too little too late

from yo...

22 Oct 2016

O! High mighty high ---

     Desolation sometimes comes to us later          

     than we thought useful,

     Time marches to no drum in the scattered        

     shadows of yo...

19 Oct 2016

What to do during those times when nothing seems to be going right? Perhaps stopping to look through the lens of the left eye will lead you to the answer, as when everything desires to go left, the multiverse is suggesting an imbalance.

Is this newly...

17 Oct 2016

Own up to it. Own it. Crush it. We got slaughtered. We dominated. Take a moment. Catch your breath. Don’t fall behind. Fall in behind. Don’t rock the boat. Make waves. Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t sell out. Sell high. Buy low. Low down. Down and...

26 Sep 2016

We often ask ourselves this very question. So often that there are entire schools of thought, industries and endless questions arising from the first battery of endless questions. Well, a quick swab and a short 10-week wait and voila! This is the roa...

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