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14 Aug 2018

Opening the door to the light is hard work, though it seems like that should not be the case. We wonder why life is so difficult sometimes. Perhaps looking at our existence from a different perspective could shed some of that precious light onto the...

21 Nov 2017

There is certainly no shortage of self-centeredness and selfishness pervading our daily existence. Justifying this rampant behavior is an overabundance of reasons and excuses aimed at placating those incapable of acting beyond themselves.


2 Aug 2017

Lying in wait, desiring the joyous burst brought about by the first, cool touches of bringers.

Cracking through the hardened outer pod, meant to deflect rather than protect. Repelling onslaughts by land or by sea, two lights if you dare, a third if yo...

18 Apr 2017


Remnants always persist, even in corporeal form. Once we transition forms to another, there remains pieces of ourselves throughout the universe. Some feel compelled to preserve their vessel, for what purpose remains to be seen as there is l...

24 Feb 2017

Pity the child.

Pity the child suffering at the hand of the Soulless Master,  begging for scraps of rancid flesh dripping from the salted plain. The Master feeds upon the fearful cries of the child, basking in the glory of hollow victories, sharing w...

13 Feb 2017

We journey. We seek. We experience. Absorbing all around us, rejecting that which aims to bring us down to a level set to destroy our will to journey, seek and experience. Fear, anger and hate bombard us from all reaches of our existence. While these...

3 Feb 2017

Anxiously we wander through this existence, allowing distractions to pester our consciousness and dampen the light reaching out to us from the Universe. The light promises us nothing, only the opportunity to wipe away the distractions and accept life...

23 Jan 2017

Would the world continue to exist if I stopped thinking about it? In other words, would reality cease to occupy my stream of consciousness?

Consider the following, the agents of reality which appear to “exist” within this reality – the reality that my...

3 Jan 2017

This is one of those times.

One of those tire, tired times,

ready to pack up and climb

into the beautiful dark bosom

of the forest.

Reaching towards the light in

a jagged defiance of ultimate

apathetic aggravation.

Love that damp embrace, 

sown under your ski...

30 Nov 2016

People fear that which they do not understand, even more true is the notion that people refuse to accept that which they fear the most. It is perhaps the epitome of hypocrisy that the mightiest of powers should instruct their subjects to fear that wh...

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